#7-Figure Net Worth: Modern Wealth Blueprint for Black Americans

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“If you aim to be more money savvy, then this is a must-read” – Kensley DouganDiscover how to transform your finances and build wealth with this powerful guide!Do you dream of revolutionizing your finances and learning to make the most of your money? Are you searching for practical, proven, and rewarding strategies to get a handle on debt, create good monetary habits, and build your ideal financial future? Then this book is for you!Combining practical, relatable advice with a hands-on workbook designed to help you redefine the way you look at money, this brilliant guide offers you a profound blueprint for embarking on a journey to financial freedom. Whether you need help breaking harmful cycles with money or creating positive habits which will stick with you for life, #7-Figure Net Worth arms you with the essential advice you need to create a vibrant financial future.Specially created for Black American Millennials to help examine narratives around finances and build generational wealth, inside you’ll find down-to-earth advice for reviewing your credit score, selecting health insurance, paying off student loan debt, leveraging your savings accounts, establishing multiple income streams, and so much more!Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:Powerful Ways To Shift Your Mindsets Around MoneyPractical Advice and Strategies For Building WealthInsight on Societal Contexts Impacting Your Personal Journey Toward WealthWhy Your Habits are Essential For Your Lifelong SuccessFinancial Affirmations and Actionable Exercises To Kickstart Your Financial JourneyHow To Shake Harmful Attitudes and Habits Around MoneyBreaking Down The Details of Finance That Nobody Taught YouTips and Tricks For Insurance, Savings, Budgeting and InvestingBiblical Perspectives on Wealth, Abundance, and StewardshipAnd So Much More!No matter your financial standing or where you’re at in life, the tried-and-tested lessons inside #7-Figure Net Worth will drastically transform your attitudes and habits toward money, building a solid foundation from which you can launch your long-term success.Ready to take your finances into your own hands? Then scroll up and grab your copy now!