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Nearly every day in America, we see another unarmed black person killed by police, or another tragic shooting in urban communities. The incarceration rate of black men is significantly higher than that of other ethnic groups. Black households have only one-tenth the net worth of white households and the gap is growing. By 2053, the average net worth of black Americans is expected to be $0. Individually, at a minimum, these statistics are disheartening. When considered together, it is culturally irresponsible if we fail to proactively acknowledge the disastrous effects that these circumstances predict for the future prosperity of black people in America.This book enables an uplifting, yet sobering look into the black American experience. The issues facing the black community must be resolved within the black community. African Americans can come together at the dinner table, in hair salons, at barbershops, in church, and at town hall meetings to discuss these critical questions. Each reader should walk away with a sense of empowerment and increased determination to take the steps necessary to affect positive change.These questions provide a starting point from which we can collectively begin addressing the issues we face. This book marks a turning point in history – when African Americans valiantly embarked on a journey of self-reflection, common purpose, and shared identity, forging the path toward modern day freedom.