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Discovering Lita – A Novel By Angie D. Lee

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Lita Payne is a thirty-something beautiful, successful and engaging urban professional in the beautiful city of Chicago. On the surface, she truly appears to have it all. Her husband is a handsome Senior Executive for a construction company making well over six figures but Lita is definitely successful in her own right as Senior Fundraising Coordinator for a non-profit. She has three beautiful children, an amazing condo, luxury cars, full bank accounts and exciting, loving friendships.

Now that Lita is in her 30s, she’s starting to examine the lifestyle she’s chosen for herself and wonders if it really makes her happy. Even though she is very successful in her career, her passion has always been to start her own marketing and public relations firm but her husband is not in support of it. Lita also feels her marriage has been lacking the passion and intimacy she desires.

She begins to question the future of her marriage and what seems like it’s out of the blue, she meets an intriguing man who challenges her on both a professional and personal level.

This begins the start of Lita’s personal journey through discovering who she really is amidst the persona she’s so eloquently carved out for herself. Lita realizes that some of the challenges that are on the horizon for her causes her to seek various measures of coping, which in turn doesn’t always lead to the most desirable outcomes.

Between launching a new business, marital discord, the destruction of a close friendship, grief and loss, and past family secrets, Lita begins to strip away the layers of herself in order to find out who she really is in Discovering Lita.

Angie D. Lee is the author of novels Discovering Lita and Something New (coming December 2020) but has been a lover of reading and writing for many years. Lee is a graduate of Illinois State University and the University of Illinois at Chicago where she received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work. She’s worked in various capacities such as domestic violence, child welfare, and school social work. Lee continues to serve as a school social worker in Chicago Public Schools. 

Something New synopsis: 
Free spirited, Serenity Hayes’ zest for life has been shattered by the passing of her mother. Grief has taken its toll in a myriad of ways and the reality of a world without Mama leaves Serenity feeling barren. In her efforts to heal, she finds comfort in an unlikely pair that begins her journey within a polyamorous relationship. Serenity is open to the new adventure, but struggles being truly authentic even in a non-traditional relationship. 

​As Serenity navigates grief while exploring this recently discovered romance, she wonders if she’s seriously ready for something new. 

​Told in Serenity’s candid, yet endearing voice, Something New is full of Angie D. Lee’s signature down-to-earth, liberating, and page-turning style. More than a love story, it is ultimately a novel about a woman yearning to live despite fear—— no matter what it takes.


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    December 11, 2020

    […] D. Lee is the author of novels Discovering Lita and Something New (coming December 2020) but has been a lover of reading and writing for many […]

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